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Valuation & Advisory

Valuation & Advisory

JBM® professionals offer extensive experience in providing valuation and advisory services.

Markets are constantly changing, and while it’s impossible to precisely predict or time the market, our firm’s in-depth, financial knowledge of the areas in which we operate is key to staying at the forefront of this ever-changing marketplace.

Supported by our professionals’ diverse financial and analytical backgrounds that span industries such as M&A advisory, investment banking, appraisal, private equity and acquisitions, the JBM® team’s valuation thought process and methodologies produce accurate results that lead to more reliable recommendations and advice for clients. In addition, our team of underwriting experts are constantly in contact with today’s buyer pool to stay up to date with their investment perspectives and valuation approach. Understanding their return requirements in the form of cap rates, internal rates of return and cash-on-cash is essential in providing dependable broker opinions of value. Constantly interacting with investors allows us to take the pulse of the market because, after all, these investors are the market. Complimented by regular meetings with key contacts at financial institutions and daily analysis of current costs of debt financing and equity promote structures, we are able to continually refresh our knowledge regarding the dynamic capital markets that dictate investor underwriting.

We provide valuation and advisory service for the following:

  • Conventional apartment communities
  • New construction pre-sell
  • Multifamily development
  • Land sales
  • Joint ventures and recapitalizations
  • Loan sales
  • Condominium conversions
  • Fractured condominiums
  • Affordable housing
  • Student housing
  • Senior housing
  • Loan sizing

“We know how to create value and pride ourselves on being able to give candid, strategic, and timely advice both prior to and during the marketing process.”
- Jamie B. May

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