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Advanced Marketing

Our Proven Techniques Gain Maximum Exposure


The JBM® team combines the unparalleled expertise of our team with the most advanced marketing tools available to achieve optimum results for each assignment. Our goal is to achieve the highest sales price possible, in a compressed time schedule. We accomplish this through the implementation of a comprehensive, national marketing campaign that will showcase the property in a controlled and professional format. This will be brought to the attention of a international and domestic audience of qualified investors worldwide. We take great pride in the intensity of the entire marketing process and the level of detail we provide in all of our marketing materials, which include the following:


Email Blast Campaigns

The e-mail campaigns include email teasers that include a concise investment summary, interactive executive summary presentation, photos and direct links to access more information through the property’s webpage. Emails are distributed on an as-needed basis throughout the marketing process to our database of more than 8,000 qualified investors.

Social Media Announcement

JBM® leverages the power of our investor-centric social media network to help gain early exposure for your property offering. Our advanced notification process may include photos and a summary of the offering to our existing audience and makes it easy for contacts to share new offerings within their network further maximizing exposure. Social media announcements help drive prospective purchasers to the property website within the Available Properties section of, where investors can gain more in-depth information on the property offering including secure access to the full offering memorandum.



Offering Brochure

The full-color, bi-fold Offering Brochure is created as a quick-look, condensed version of the Offering Memorandum. The Offering Brochure includes summarized information about the property, including investment details, condensed proforma, bulleted area highlights and maps to reach the property. The Offering Brochure is designed for easy comprehension and quick distribution via mail or electronically.

Offering Memorandum

Our in-house marketing department creates a full-color, full-bleed Offering Memorandum. The Offering Memorandum contains all the comprehensive offering details and underwriting information necessary for interested investors to submit a qualified bid on the offering. The Offering Memorandum is distributed in hard-copy and digital format to a multitude of qualified investors.



Property Website

We create an individual webpage for each institutional listing accessible from The webpage includes extensive property information including the offering summary, a virtual tour, photo gallery, investment highlights, property attributes, market overview, area information, digital offering memorandum and brochure, and a downloadable confidentiality agreement.

Confidential Document “War Room”

From the Property’s individual site on, clients can access detailed due diligence materials through the property’s password-protected and confidential “war room.”



Investor Roadshow

Our brokers continually market listings through Institutional Buyer Tours. Throughout the year, our executives travel to markets throughout the nation to personally present listings to potential institutional buyers. This personal interaction with the potential buyer provides for an opportunity to sell the asset, point out the positives and create a heightened sense of value for the investor.

Property Virtual Tour

Virtual property tours are offered in select markets and feature a full 360-degree virtual tour of the property, a slideshow of still images and a narrated description of the property throughout the tour. We may incorporate drone camera footage to create aerial views for select properties. The virtual tour enables potential purchasers to view the property prior to offer deadline in the event that they cannot make it for an in-person tour. Links to the tour are displayed on the property listing page.


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