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Written Testimonials

Written Testimonials

Below are a selection of written testimonials the JBM® Team has received from our industry peers.

“Landmark Residential are owners and operators of about 20,000 apartments in the Southeast. And it’s my pleasure to give a personal recommendation and accommodation for my friend Jamie May and his team at JBM. I’ve known Jamie for about 15 years and I’ve been on both the buy side and sell side of thousands of units with Jamie and his team. They’re real pros. If you’re a buyer, they’re probably too good because they manage to get the best price out of any potential buyers. I can offer nothing but the highest accommodations for them. They’re extremely knowledgeable throughout the Southeast, they understand their markets and they’ve consistently achieved prices within their opinion of value ranges. I’m glad to give my recommendation and anybody’s welcome to reach out to me if they want to hear some additional information about our history with Jamie and his team.”

- Joseph “Joe” Lubeck, President & CEO, Landmark Residential


“Jamie May and his team are one of the best brokerage teams I have ever worked with.  Selling one of the largest properties in Florida is always a challenge and is nothing short of amazing.  JBM is professional, sharp and aggressive.”

- Thomas Gochberg, Co-Founder, Managing Principal & CEO, TGM Associates, L.P.


“I’ve known Jamie for a number of years. PRG has sold and purchased properties representing over $125,000,000 through Jamie. One component that’s crucial when selling a property, and Jamie does this better than any other broker, is preparing the property for sale. As an owner, you think the property looks perfect or almost perfect, but once Jamie performs his onsite inspection prior to preparing the offering memorandum, he’ll point out things to improve the aesthetics and curb appeal of the property that you would have never thought of otherwise. And they’re not expensive things to do; they’re simple tasks that our manager, regional manager or even I, as the owner, just didn’t think about. Another key element from a seller’s perspective is to present a great offering memorandum which Jamie does impeccably. Additionally, Jamie and his team really know how to show a property. They don’t just open a door and say “here it is,” they’ll take you through the property and point out the highlights and value-add opportunities. The way Jamie and his team conduct property tours plays an enormous role in the outcome of a listing. In addition to preparing the property for sale, assembling the finest offering memorandum in the industry, and showing the property well, Jamie also knows how to bring the higher quality buyers to the bidding pool. Jamie’s been in the multifamily business a long time, he has a great personality, and he’s developed a rapport with a large national group of perspective purchasers. This is crucial for not only finding the winning bidder, but for getting them to close without unwanted extensions and to close at the contract price. Jamie’s capabilities are unsurpassed and this is why he is our ultimate Florida Broker. I highly recommend Jamie and his team for all Florida multifamily dispositions.”

- Steve Berger, President, PRG Real Estate


“I’ve worked with Jamie May for almost 20 years, both buying properties that he was working representing the seller and selling properties that we needed to find the best market for. We’ve worked in Pennsylvania and in Florida from Naples to Tampa to North Miami. Jamie has been a resource not only for selling properties and sourcing acquisitions, but for advice on Florida real estate trends in the market. We’ve had a great relationship the past 18 years and we look forward to continuing it for at least that long into the future.”

- William “Bill” Friedman, Managing Member, Beachwold Residential LLC


“JBM is first-rate. Jamie is an accomplished pro with an encyclopedic knowledge of the Florida multifamily regional and local market. I’ve found the JBM Group to be thorough, responsive, and great to work with.  We look forward to working with them on more transactions – both acquisitions and dispositions.”

- Mark Hafner, Senior Managing Director and Principal, Greystar Real Estate Partners


“Jamie May provided exceptional service to Bank of America’s Real Estate Managed Assets Division when he recently represented the bank as broker for a 360-unit apartment community in Naples, FL.  When the initial buyer re-traded his original offer, Jamie brought the bank a strong replacement buyer within 48 hours who closed the sale in a timely fashion.  Jamie follows up, pays close attention to the details, and is a consummate professional.”

- Joseph C. Petteruti, Bank of America


“JBM was extremely well organized in ensuring that all Seller and Buyer contact teams were well informed and all necessary due diligence items were timely delivered, complete, and accurate. They took a very ‘hands-on’ approach to make sure that, as a Buyer, all the information we needed was available.  More impressive, however, was they possessed a keen sense of when to take a ‘hands-off’ approach, as we dealt with the Seller in specific contract matters. I find this sensibility uncommon among many brokers and it was much appreciated in this transaction as our timeline for due diligence and closing was extraordinarily short.”

- Troy Ballard, President, TM Real Estate Group, LLC


“Jamie’s depth of understanding and ability to ascertain buyer requirements transcends the investment spectrum. Jamie’s ability to comprehend the nuances of investment opportunities and effectively communicate their implications, created a competitive advantage for Pacifica. Jamie creates an environment where problems are solved; exponentially increasing the likelihood that the transaction closes… If you choose to do business with Jamie, you’ll be pleased as well. I’m honored to provide this recommendation of Jamie May and extend an open invitation if you’d like to have a more detailed discussion.”

- Derek Jensen, Director of Acquisitions, Pacifica Companies


“I’m happy to say that I’ve known Jamie for about 10 years. During that timeframe, I’ve completed 3 transactions, on both the buy side and the sell side, totaling over $135,000,000 in Tampa Bay and Southwest Florida. Frankly, the sell side of the transaction is where I am most comfortable when Jamie is involved as our exclusive broker. The amount of qualified and capable offers Jamie and his team bring to the table is over-the-top. Their materials and in-depth knowledge of the surrounding marketplace is second to none. Additionally, they have a great understanding and perspective of future rent growth opportunities and they do an excellent job of educating the buyers on this during the marketing process. This offers us surety of closing without the possibility of a re-trade. Jamie’s capabilities speak for themselves and we keep coming back for more. Jamie enjoys what he does, he’s charismatic, and he’s a fun guy to work with. I look forward to doing a lot of business with him in the future.”

- Jeff Shumaker, Vice President, Merion Realty Partners


“Jamie’s list of clients include many of the industry’s most successful and sophisticated investors, and two things stand out.  Most have hired Jamie multiple times, and used him on both the acquisition and disposition side of the transaction.  This level of success never happens by accident.”

- Linwood Thompson, Former Managing Director, Institutional Property Advisors, A Marcus & Millichap Company


“By using their unparalleled investor contacts and superior market knowledge they were able locate the right Purchaser and pushed the deal from start to closing in just eight days. Unbelievable!! I can’t wait to call upon JBM again!”

- Robert Forloine, President, International Capital Corp 


“A very talented, hard-working group of professionals who strive to serve their clients’ needs.  We have been very pleased with the superior performance and attention to detail.  We look forward to engaging JBM for future assignments.”

- Keith Harris, Senior Vice President, The Laramar Group


“JBM was the unanimous choice of our selection committee.  Their presentation and collateral materials beat the competition hands down.  Their handling of the sales process proved we made the right choice…I would enthusiastically recommend JBM for apartment dispositions.”

- Barry Greenfield, Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, Opus South


“JBM was a joy to work with. They delivered on every promise that they made during the listing process…It’s no wonder why JBM outsells their competition time after time.”

- George J. Bochis, Vice President, Century Companies


“Working with Jamie May and his team was just how it was described at the beginning of the relationship. Their work and presentation material was the best I have ever seen in the business and most importantly they hit the strike price per unit that we were looking for. Thanks JBM for Job well done!”

- Jerry Rich, Ibis Club Apartments


“Jamie is one of the best brokers we deal with across the country. His ability to keep deals running when times get turbulent is remarkable.”

- John Gochberg, Managing Principal & COO, TGM Associates, L.P.


“JBM has earned repeated assignments from Tarragon by the sheer force of their performance–timely, dogged, thorough, professional and effective. But we have also come to rely on them for background information, local color and general advice.”

- William S Friedman President & CEO, Beachwold Partners, L.P.


“We were impressed with their professional, responsive, and vigorous approach to doing business. The exceptional quality of their marketing materials and their extensive contacts within the multi-family sector of the investment community enabled them to attract numerous offers from substantial institutional and private investors.”

- Diana L. Mayes, Managing Director, RedStone


“When thinking about JBM and their capabilities throughout the Florida marketplace, I think of one word: Excellence.”

- David Carlson, Managing Partner, Redwood Capital Group