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The JBM® Advantage

The JBM® Advantage

Listed, Marketed, Closed and 101.00%+/- Percent of Pricing Achieved!

(Trailing 60 months)

We are in constant contact with Domestic and Foreign Institutional, Private National and Regional types of investors groups who currently have an immediate need to place large amounts of capital into multifamily properties and many are seeking to purchase regional multiple property portfolios and singular assets. With an unprecedented transaction resume in excess of $13.5 billion+ and an exclusive focus on multifamily brokerage and finance, our team is uniquely qualified to exploit the current driving forces in the marketplace that will impact the ability of buyers to offer premium pricing and the most aggressive terms.

1) Based on transaction volume, no other brokerage team has more experience in the Florida marketplace. JBM® has sold 150,000 units, with some of the same properties being sold two and even three times over. This deep encyclopedic knowledge and understanding of the submarket dynamics provides us with an unparalleled advantage in conveying the investment story to qualified buyers and generating the most competitive bidding environment.

2) Within the trailing 60 month period, JBM® listed marketed and sold in excess of 150,000+ units achieving 101.00%+/- of strike vs. sold pricing for all listings. We believe this success is largely due to our skilled marketing efforts and ability to work closely with potential purchasers to address property specific strengths and future upside potential to ensure that maximum pricing is achieved. Additionally, our seasoned transaction professionals’ intimate knowledge of the buyer pool allows us to separate true buyers from unqualified bidders, aggressively negotiate pricing and terms throughout the bidding process and most importantly, provide pivotal guidance to ensure the deal is awarded to the right group the first time.

3) We pride ourselves on achieving quick, but more importantly, successful closings. This is a result of our extensive hands-on approach throughout the entire transaction process. We separate ourselves from our competitors by going the extra distance to make sure we are personally involved at every stage of the disposition process. This has proven to be highly proactive in mitigating any risks, minimizing potential buyer objections, as well as curtailing prospective purchasers re-trade expectations at all times. These continued procedures assure the highest price possible, larger and quicker non-refundable deposits, and closings occurring in shorter timeframes compared to our competitive peers. In addition, we are recognized for our flexibility to cater to specific client requests as well as our reliability to perform time after time.

Through our JBM® platform, we have consistently sold more units in the markets we cover than any of our competition in 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017. This level of success never happens by accident. Our industry reputation was built on the foundation of very few words: Excellence, Accountability, Commitment, Integrity and Respect. We like to call it the BrokerEdge!